Char shoots personal branding


Connecting you with an engaged audience who are already looking for YOU and YOUR services/products. Capturing authentic photographs that convey your brand, your professionalism, and your core uniqueness. Lets capture emotive shots in a fun and relaxed environment! Through thorough research into your brand, these images will resonate with your target audience. Building their interest and trust. Trust equates to sales.

I love to help business owners! It’s all about saving you time and face!

When you have a personal branding session you will have a vault of professional on brand images at your disposal. This will dramatically boost your engagement. Keep your brand looking professional (each image posted adds to your trust factor). The best part is, you save so much time. You now have enough content for daily posts for three whole months! I hear that sigh of Relief!

You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you’re presenting images that aren’t on brand, or are not up to a professional standard, you are giving an off brand, unprofessional impression. This will invite a clientele who are in the wrong segment for you or even worse totally uninterested in paying for your services or product.

My role is to understand you and your brand and then package it to your audience in way that resonates with them. I love to photograph business owners and help elevate their business through intentional branding. Helping you feel relaxed and at ease is important to be able to create positive emotive images. Plus, why not enjoy the day!



Why book a personal branding shoot?

If you interact with clients, customers and professionals online then a personal branding photoshoot will benefit your business.

First impressions do last so why not create an amazing first impression?

Here is a quick summary of the benefits that come with getting a professional in, to really look at your brand and how you can connect more to your audience.


When we see an image that makes us FEEL it stands out and we remember it.


Hiring a professional sends a message of HIGH quality to your audience.


We want to create and nurture a trusting relationship between you and your audience. People buy from people they LIKE and TRUST.


Let your audience know you, like you and trust you. This is an easy way to create genuine customers that will keep coming back.


Similar to letting them know you, you will open the door to an engaged audience who are already interested in YOU and what you DO!


1 hour 30 minute shoot, 2 narratives, 10 images

8,000 THB


4 Hour Shoot, 3 narratives, 40 images

10,000 THB


5 Hour shoot, 4 narratives, 100 images

14,000 THB


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