Personal Branding Photography Strategy

Get the expertise and experience from a personal brand specialist to use with a photographer anywhere in the world.


So that your photos represent your brand


Knowing you have a solid strategy for photoshoot day


You can take this plan to any photographer, and get much better results

Charlotte Personal Branding Thailand

Most photographers are not personal branding specialists.

  • Photos without any brand strategy can weaken your brand image.
  • Off-brand photos can confuse customers and you may even lose sales.
  • It is easier to find a great photographer than it is to find a personal branding specialist. 

Get your custom brand blueprint, and then you can work with any photographer.

  • Have more freedom in the photographers and creatives that you work with. I’ll be your brand specialist.
  • Save time and money by doing deep brand identity work with me. Be effective.
  • Have peace of mind knowing you have this blueprint for all future sessions. Stay professional.
  • Ensure a consistent and clear brand which will give you more credibility and distinction in your industry. Stand out.

Finally, a personal branding blueprint customized for you.

The Photoshoot Brand Strategy is a blueprint for all your photoshoots going forward.

What’s in the blueprint?

  • Breakdown of your brand Identity
  • Brand messaging
  • Style suggestions
  • Location suggestions
  • The mood
  • Poses
  • The content
  • Brand narratives
  • Shot list

  • Props list

What’s in the          Strategy Sessions?

  • A thorough review of you and your business

  • A custom blueprint PDF guide

  • Two virtual meetings amounting to 3.5hrs

  • The sessions will be over a two-week time frame


  • Full access to Charlotte via email throughout the process

    3 Steps to Awesome Photos


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    Get your customized blueprint


    Take amazing on-brand photos to level up your business!

    Meet Charlotte

    Hi, I’m Char! I am a photographer and brand strategist from the UK. I specialise in creating and capturing brand stories that create connections with your audience. My sessions are deeply rooted in strategy – understanding the messaging and purpose alongside preparation down to props, mood boards, poses and styles.

    I would love to work with you, please schedule your free consultation today.

    I only have 4 slots available each month for the Personal Branding Photography Session, so be sure to book in early!

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