I’m going to say the word vibe quite a bit here so, before we get started, let’s get to grips with what a vibe is. Vibes are very real and they’re everywhere. You can get a vibe from a person’s lack of commitment to an arrangement. You can predict the narrative of a plot by a character’s vibe. You can feel the presence of a disagreement that’s already past, leaving behind a residue as a bad vibe in the room. 


A quick google search defines a vibe as an emotional reaction to an aura felt to belong to a person, place or thing. I really like this definition because it mentions the emotional reaction, which is a key element in being a memorable brand. For anyone to notice or care about your brand they must have some sort of emotional reaction to it. If they do not, it’s almost like you were never there.


So, what is your brand vibe?

An easy analogy to understand your brand vibe would be to imagine if your brand were to walk into a room, then ask yourself what kind of feeling would you get? That’s your brand vibe. Does it make you feel comfortable, inspired, is it funny or exciting? What kind of clothes is it wearing? Is it dressed in Crocs and shorts or biker boots and a leather jacket? Is it giving you Mary Berry vibes or Snoop Dogg vibes? They’re friends and also both have great vibes but the vibes are very different. Take a minute and really fill out that description and the feeling it gives off to you in that room.


Now you know your vibe a bit better, is it actually serving you?

Does it align with your target audience and what they like? This is also something you can look at to future proof your business. Who your target audience is now may differ for who you aim it to be in the future. If so, is your brand vibe speaking to your future target audience? I suggest you confirm your speculations by actually asking your audience how they perceive your vibe. If you don’t, it’s only your opinion which kind of makes it irrelevant. So, I cannot stress enough, the only real way to know this is to ask your audience.  Most likely you know your audience and you’re already in line with them. You’d be struggling to do business if not. Now it’s time to think about the impact your vibe is creating. How can you increase that impact? How can you turn every head in the room? Can you include your love of poetry or your anime fandom? Whichever it is, choose to stand out in the crowd and make sure it is honest and true. People can smell inauthenticity a mile off and distrust is not the emotional reaction you want.


So, finally, is your brand vibe alluring or boring?