I help professionals captivate their audience.

I have somehow been working as a personal branding photographer for over a decade and it has been an amazing ride working with businesses and individuals across different backgrounds. 

I love supporting entrepreneurs because it is genuinely thrilling to watch them succeed and step into new unbounded growth. This has been the driving force behind my brand photography services.

My pictures help open up new unclaimed opportunities for my clients. Together we capture beautiful photographs that showcase the brand’s vision and authenticity.

I am originally from the UK, now based in Chiang Mai, and covering the whole of southeast Asia. My professional personal branding photographer background is in family portraits, wedding photography, stills, boudoir, and fashion. I delight in the creative challenge of different photography mediums.

Charlotte Personal Branding Photographer

I hate having my photo taken! Well, at least I did until maybe two years ago when I realised the importance of being seen. But trust me I know how it feels to cringe down to bone when a camera is placed in front of you. I totally get this-this is why I’m good at helping my clients relax in front of the camera.

Charlotte Personal Branding Photographer

It started with packets of cigarettes

and a camera (sorry mum)

My passion for capturing the intrinsic beauty of people began on the bustling streets of Hurghada, Egypt when I was 15 years old. I would hand out packets of cigarettes for portraits. These portraits got me into art school where my love for photography blossomed as I spent generous hours in the darkroom developing films and making prints.

As I rock what my friend sweetly referred to as a “wisdom highlight” courtesy of my 3-tone natural silver-grey hair, I nurture my love for art as a painter. I’m a dog mum of two. While my incredibly kind parents home my tortoise and rescued cat in the UK.

I believe everyone should have photos they are proud of.