Brand Photoshoot Guidebook


Get the expertise and experience from a personal brand specialist to use with a photographer anywhere in the world.


So that your photos represent your brand


Knowing you have a solid strategy for photoshoot day


You can take this plan to any photographer, and get much better results

Get your Brand Photoshoot Guidebook, and then you can work with any photographer.

  • This DIY guide will enable you to have a smooth session with any photographer that results in photos that resonate with your audience and showcase your brand identity.
  • You have more freedom in the photographer and creatives that you work with, (they do not have to be brand specialists, as I have already done that work.)
  • It is easier to find a great photographer than it is to find a personal branding specialist. 
  • You can save time and money having the knowledge of brand identity.
  • You will ensure a consistent and clear brand which will give you more credibility and distinguishment in your industry.

Finally, a Brand Photoshoot Guidebook

The Brand Photoshoot Guidebook will guide all your photoshoots going forward.

What’s in the guidebook?

  • Breakdown of Brand Identity
  • Brand messaging
  • Style suggestions
  • Location suggestions
  • The mood
  • Poses
  • The content
  • Brand narratives
  • Shot list

3  Steps to Awesome Photos


Download the Brand Photoshoot Guidebook


Apply it to your brand


Take amazing on-brand photos to level up your business!

Meet Charlotte

Hi, I’m Char! I am a photographer and brand strategist from the UK. I specialise in creating and capturing brand stories that create connections with your audience. My sessions are deeply rooted in strategy – understanding the messaging and purpose alongside preparation down to props, mood boards, poses and styles.

Charlotte Personal Branding Photographer