What exactly is a brand voice? 

It is how your brand speaks.

It is what you say and most importantly how you say it. Let’s say your brand advocates for young learners. Is your voice that of a parent speaking to other parents as an equal, an academic here to guide others or even a grandparent full of wisdom and unconditional love. All of these roles can say exactly the same thing, the brand voice defines the way in which you say it. It is yet another vehicle that you use to connect directly to your target audience. They listen because they resonate with that voice.

Your voice is an element of your brand identity when you zone in on each element and consistently stay aligned with your whole identity, that is when you have an incredibly strong and recognisable brand. 

Cultivating your voice comes with time and knowing your audience. Your voice must resonate with your business and your target audience as much as it resonates with you.

Helpful ways to be consistent are to create a brand book, which includes your voice and the general do’s and don’t of that voice. Go into details like spelling, abbreviations, words you use and words you would never use. That way when you have someone else writing for you your voice is consistent. If the notion of a brand book is new check out this post!

Another helpful way is to review everything before it’s published and ask yourself these questions?

    • Does this speak from a place of (insert brand personality here, for example caring, excitement)?
    • Am I using the correct words and abbreviations?
    • Is the overall tone aligned with my brand identity?