A Photoshoot Without Brand Strategy Is A Waste Of Money

A photoshoot for your business without brand strategy is a waste of money.

That may sound harsh but I’m standing by it.

A brand photoshoot for your business is an investment in your business, and like any other business investment it should be carefully thought over and precisely executed to get the maximum results. Those results should always be geared towards increasing your profit.

If you’re in business, growth and profit are the names of the game.

So with that being said, it is starting to be a lot clearer why you should always want to dig into the brand strategy before a brand photoshoot.

A brand photoshoot is a marketing tool. When executed correctly you don’t just have professional images, (that’s the bare minimum). You have images with context, you have messaging woven into your visuals, you have assets for courses, websites and billboards. 

You have images that directly speak to your audience, in a tenth of a second, speaking thousands of words, as images do. 

Through strategy you have a connection with a cold audience in a tenth of a second!

Without strategy you are potentially creating meaningless content. Content that has no direction or target. Or worse, content that is so off brand it’s confusing your potential customers.

This is content that you could be paying for views on (adverts) only to have your audience repelled and confused. 

Why would you do that?

Don’t waste your time and money.

Use a branding photoshoot for all the power it can give you.

If you would like more information on photoshoot brand strategy you can buy my guidebook and do the work yourself or schedule a one on one session with me. I can create a personalised brand blueprint that you may use for all of your business visual investments going forward.