More people are running their own businesses than ever.

The online space is only getting more competitive and harder to stand out.

A personal brand is not something you can opt out of. Unless you cut out all human contact in your life and live alone in the wilderness, then okay maybe you don’t have a personal brand, but you probably still do, as stories of you will circulate the nearest human population. That is after all exactly what a personal brand is: Other people’s stories and opinions of you.

If it’s already there, why do I need to do anything at all?

Good point! However, people are diverse and complicated by nature. You cannot put us in one box. We can be liked and disliked by all different types of people as each person is as diverse as the next. In marketing a brand that is so diverse and complicated is a weak brand. 

To create strong marketing you must have clear and concise branding in your business and in your personal brand. If you ignore the latter you will have a weak link. 

People have always brought through trust, now we can peel back any illusion and look directly at the moral conduct of companies. As consumers we are highly aware of the power that we hold and are actively looking for the right person or company to trust. 

Taking control of your personal brand means speaking honestly about who you are and why you do it. I cannot stress the honest part enough. We can all smell inauthenticity and it is bad for business. But this doesn’t mean you have to bare all to the world! No no no, actually it means you should cherry pick the aspects of you that are relevant for your business and your target audience. This helps narrow down on your target and creates a clear brand identity.

I do this through stories.

If you’d like your own personal branding shoot where we showcase your relevant and brilliant stories that make up you and your business contact me.

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