The brand identity is made up of different components. Once each component is recognised and developed, they work together to create the brand identity. The identity can be split into three sections: brand visuals, brand personality and brand heart

The brand visuals include elements such as the logo or wordmark, different logo variations, key brand colours and colour palette, typefaces, typographic treatments, a consistent style for images and content, a library of graphical elements, your brand style guide and your visual identity on social media.

The brand personality is the way the brand expresses itself through the elements of a brand voice, core messages, stories, promises, positioning and vibe. 

The brand heart is the core of the brand it’s;

        • The purpose. Why does the brand exist? 
        • The vision. What future do you want to help create? What does the future look like?
        • The mission. What are you here to do? How do you create that future?
        • And the values, these are the principles that guide your behaviour.

The brand identity is an intricate design system and each element influences the other. You need to dig deep into each element to have a clear strategy and strong identity.

I have written in depth blog posts about some of these elements, their importance and how to use them to your advantage.

  1. Brand Voice
  2. Brand Colours
  3. Brand Vibe
  4. Brand Clarity

A lasting tip is to write a creative brief: after you have gathered all this information and you are ready to bring it all together, write a creative brief that details each component and goal that will keep you and your team on the same page.