Phones have brilliant cameras these days. So, if a professional shoot is not in your budget right now, you’re somewhere great without a professional photographer or in between your scheduled professional shoots, why not take the best photos you possibly can of yourself? I want to empower you to show up for your brand and be visible.

 To really empower you, you’ve got to be able to do it with or without a photographer’s help.

Let’s look at the key elements of a good picture. 



Look for good natural light. Good light is soft light. If you can, shoot at optimum soft light times in the day, (just after sunrise, just before sunset). Clouds create brilliant soft light. Avoid direct sunlight: this will create harsh shadows. Look for even light either in shade or, for better results, look for where light is being reflected. You can find reflected light on the side of buildings and bright walls.


Create angles with your body: drop one hip, turn diagonal to the camera, bring one shoulder forward. I have posing tip videos on my instagram. Check it out after this article. Another photographer that I have to mention because they are killing it right now, with posing videos and general self confidence tips for in front of the camera, is David Suh. Check him out on instagram here.


This is so key. And guess what, it’s actually easier to have confidence on camera than in real life! So if you’re naturally a confident person but get weirdly shy and awkward in front of the camera (me) then remember you can fake it for less than a minute: it’s just a minute. Ooze confidence, baby! Again check out David Suh for brilliant confidence inspiration.


Props help you feel less vulnerable as they give you something to do. They also create another element of interest in the image. Use props!


Remember to have fun, be silly, take risks.

Nobody cares and no one will remember.

Enjoy yourself and have fun creating!