The photoshoot is around the corner BUT what should you wear?

A big issue for a lot of clients is wardrobe. So let’s talk about it. For example, in south east Asia, it’s hot and humid, that adds to the issue of dressing for the climate, as well as for the brand, and for the individual. This is definitely not a one size fits all situation. Your outfits need to feel authentic to you, they should send an on-brand message and they should make you feel special. 

I want to discuss general rules, inside knowledge and tips and tricks to do with wardrobe. Hopefully this will give you some insight and help you feel more comfortable when it comes to choosing your outfits. 

Dressing the part is a fantastic trick and I would suggest you dress the part of your ambitions. When we dress the “part”, something in our psyche changes. Our body is tricked into believing that we are already that person that we aspire to be, even if logically we would say otherwise.

That’s just my take on ways to dress for your photoshoot.

I’m not a professional fashion stylist so to be able to write this I reached out to a good friend and  brilliant stylist Chanel Sade. Please give Chanel a follow after reading this article. @chanelsade

 *Char: How long have you been a stylist?

Chanel: I have been styling for over 10 years, from working as a costume designers assistant to branching off on my own doing personal styling as well as commercial styling.

*Char: What makes you love fashion styling?

Chanel: Working both with “talent” and individuals has helped shape the work I do. Getting to know people’s personal style and helping them build confidence through the clothes they wear is one of the best jobs that I’ve been a part of.


*Char: Do you have a must have item for a photoshoot?

Chanel: Proper undergarments, set up the best foundation for any outfit and they are often overlooked. They establish an air of confidence and comfort like no other item. They allow the clothes to hang and fit to their best ability. Brand colours should the client wear them or accessorise with them? (a good point is don’t clash with your brand colours as it will clash on your website)

*Char: Patterns? Should we wear them?

Chanel: Patterns can work, but wear them and don’t let them wear you. If wearing patterned pants, wear a top that complements one of the colours in the print and vice versa when wearing a patterned top.


*Char: Tips on choosing authentic outfits?

Chanel: Wear clothes that make you feel happy and that you feel comfortable in. Stay away from trends and fads that may not suit your body type.