When it comes to brand photoshoots a good place to start is the brand heart. The brand heart is made up of four components: purpose, vision, mission and values. This is helpful as sometimes the client hasn’t actually done the brand heart work. Doing this then starts that process and the client can get instant results from being able to adapt their content and create consistency in messaging and communication. Also, we’re creating a business asset. If it’s not working with the brand heart it is probably working against it.

I also look at the client’s audience, product / service, goals and future marketing plans. I try to understand the client as much as possible so I may build a bridge between their brand, themselves and their audience. I’m also looking at marketing so that the client gets full value from the session.

After I gather all this information we have a chat. I will give my client ideas and my perspective. They will let me know what they have envisioned and together we collaborate. By this time, I have also put together a thorough mood board which we then whittle down to something that is on point.

During this stage, or possibly before the meeting, I am generating a list of possible locations. This is shared with the client who can have as much of an active role as they choose in picking and booking the locations. Some shoots are always at paid locations, others are half and half and a few take place solely in public spaces.

Myself and the client will be in touch through whatsapp or their preferred platform, and I usually help with wardrobe via photos and messages. The client does have an option to have a stylist to help them. I will plan any add-ons that the client has selected. I will also create the shot list and props list. These last two lists are often edited once or twice as we get closer to the day.

Once locations, assistants, make-up artists and drivers are booked, I will create a call sheet. This is to keep everyone on the same page. It will state the working hours and what time everyone is expected on set, breaks and locations through google map links.

This process helps cover all the fine details that must go into a brand session to create a session that’s enjoyable, intentional, unique and on brand.

If you want to explore further or are creating your own brand shoot you can buy my brand photoshoot guidebook for just $19; it will break down each section and give you in-depth tips on how to execute a seamless brand photoshoot.