So you’re thinking about getting professional photos for your business. Congratulations! You are already doing more than most people, in terms of marketing and brand image. You are already ahead of the crowd. But, there is a chance that you miss the full capability of this opportunity and that would be a sad waste of time. Where to use your personal brand photos?

To create the biggest impact with your professional images, you should use them consistently. This consistency in your branding is the most powerful aspect. Showing up and telling the same narrative, in the same voice, builds momentum each time you do it. Trust in your brand accelerates as people see you hitting the same drum again and again. Trust = Sales. This consistency also increases the memorability of your brand as you patiently but persistently tell your audience who you are, why you are and what you do. 

So remember to check off all the places you can put your images. Don’t confuse your message by not updating a platform. Your customers may not always come to you by the normal route and there is a good chance they have researched you on multiple platforms. 


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