Having great confidence is a skill;

it’s something you build and cultivate over time. Every day there are ample opportunities to have your confidence knocked, so to make yourself resilient you must build your confidence daily.

Confidence is important and your best friend in front of the camera. But really it gives you immense benefit in every aspect of your life. When you have great confidence you react to situations differently and you take on opportunities and challenges. You are more likely to enjoy yourself. 

There are many ways to build your confidence. Some tactics are personal preference. I’ll start with the general tips. Body posture. This works for everyone. Stand up straight, look people in the eye and practise power poses. Take up space.  Check out this Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy. If I’m nervous to do something like a talk or a meeting I will go to the bathroom and literally stand like a star.

Face rejection 

Understand that rejection is a part of life and make peace with it. Every single one of us faces rejection in some way or another. There is no acceptance without rejection.

Fake it 

Especially in front of the camera. The camera expects you to bring forth your sassiest self and put it on display. If you can’t find it, fake it. Giggle to yourself to create an authentic smile. If you have to do that 100 times, do it. You’ll start to see that the fake confidence begins to materialise into actual confidence.


Singing is a brilliant form of release. Put on your favourite song and sing your heart out. On the way to getting my own pictures taken, I was really nervous. I listened to all the tunes that got me excited so I was ready to party by the time I arrived at the location.


Sometimes I have dance parties with my dogs, quite a bit actually (i’m 30 now so don’t judge me). On some of these occasions, the most valuable times, it’s right after a rejection or perceived failure. I will dance until I sweat.

Self talk 

Watch your thoughts. You are always listening to your own inner monologue, even if you don’t consciously hear it, it’s sinking in somewhere. If you’re constantly putting yourself down and undermining yourself, it’s like you’ve tied your own shoelaces together at the start of a race. And you then wonder why you fell on your face. You have to big yourself up the most! Watch those thoughts. When you notice them switch them up. 

If you don’t believe that they are affecting you negatively, you can try this practice. Write down all the mean things you’ve ever said to yourself. Now imagine saying those words to someone you love. Most likely that thought is not very bearable, so why subject yourself to it? Stay kind to yourself.


Check out my confidence hack worksheet to boost your confidence and build that resilience.