Let’s discuss brand colours. Brand colours are a key component of your brand image. They are a huge part of the visual brand. Nowadays everywhere we look brands are fighting for our attention. Because of this constant onslaught of information and advertising, brands have to try harder to stand out in the noise. Enter consistent branding! If you’re consistent with your branding someone can recognise your brand in a second, even when they’re multitasking or absent minded.


Picture This

Don’t believe me? Picture this, you are driving down the high street and a pick up truck loaded with soda crates overtakes you. The crates are red. What soda is it? Did you think of coke? Okay, okay that may be an obvious one so let’s change it, now the crates are green. What soda do you see?


Brand colours are magical! They are simply superb for memorability. Once we have seen particular colours consistently paired with a business, that pairing is implanted in our minds. We can recognise a brand without any conscious effort. And that is definitely what you want from your branding. You want to come into your customers mind effortlessly.


If you have your colours already skip to the end of this article and check out my PDF. It is a helpful checklist that reminds you of all the places you can and should implement your colours!


How to pick your brand colours, two easy steps. I love this part!

Step 1. Find a photograph or piece of art that you are drawn to. Maybe it’s a picture from your family album, an image from Pinterest, or your favourite painting.

If you don’t have a favourite painting, I highly suggest taking a virtual tour around all the top art museums. Most of the big ones give you free access virtually and you can browse all the categories from classics through to modern art.

Step 2. Upload the image to Canva colour palette generator and you’ll get something like this!


Brand Colours for Impactful Marketing

This painting is titled The Backwater by Charles William Wyllie. I love the painting so it makes sense that I love the palette that came from it!


Quick tip! You can check research on the psychology of your chosen colours, to align the right emotional responses for your brand.