What is a shot list?

A shot list is a list of images that you will capture on your photoshoot. It is, very simply, a reminder of what images are important and what must be captured. This will ensure that you have the images you need at the end of the day.

So from that brief description I would say the importance of this list is pretty obvious. In case you’re not sold, let me give you an insight into the sometimes chaotic world of photography. Your photographer is watching the light like a hawk; light is everything. The next priority for them is their camera settings, then it’s your positioning and expression. This is why we have assistants and stylists on set: more eyes can watch for other fine details that your preoccupied photographer might miss. If they are in the personal branding niche or a seasoned photographer, then they are also expertly guiding you and helping you feel at ease. Now the creative juices are flowing and you’re feeling yourself too! This is where things can start to drift away from your requirements. Basically, everyone is having too much fun creating artistic shots with this beautiful piece of lace, asking questions like where did this come from? Then you end up with some brilliant artistic images but nothing specifically for your marketing banners. 

The shot list is there to keep all the artists in the real world and focused on your specific photoshoot goals. Please, make one and ask your photographer to make one as well. Or use mine that I made for you.